How you can find out an extensive range of YouTube challenges, but the location restricts few robotic YouTube channels. Due to this, the robotics videos are only available to residents in a particular country. Luckily, there are many tricks possible to bypass the regional filter of YouTube channel so that you can pick the right one carefully.  VPN change location is a highly preferred way to avoid the local filter. The best thing about this solution is that it allows you to watch all kinds of robotic YouTube videos regardless of the location.

Bypass the regional filter


It is significant to know that VPN let you to quickly hide the IP address of your computer behind various IP addresses. It is an essential process that can allow you to easily see the robotic YouTube videos on even the restricted or blocked system or computer. Through, if the address of your VPN is on a block list for YouTube video, still you never get the chance to see the region-locked content. Here are few conditions as follow:

  • If you always have a VPN which let you customize the location quickly, you can change the location to one in that the robotics YouTube videos are viewable
  • Otherwise, you can find the one who let you alter your location

Steps to chance YouTube’s regional filter

regional-restriction-youtubeYou can follow these simple tips that not only change the regional filter but also allow you to see your favorite and much beloved robotic YouTube videos without any restrictions.

  • Step up a VPN on the smartphone or computer. 

Once you subscribe to a VPN service, you can set it successfully on the selected robotic YouTube channel before continuing. After that, you can change the setting of VPN to locate the IP address in the highly preferred location before proceeding

  • Open the robotic YouTube

You can go to the direct link of robotic YouTube channel or tap an app icon of robotic YouTube

  • Find the robotic video

Commonly the robotic videos are permitted in the regional location of VPN, so you can easily find the YouTube channel without any difficulties. If you fail to find the channel or video on the desktop, you can try to change the country details and refresh the page

  • Finally, open the YouTube video

You can tap or click the robotic YouTube video that you watch to see. If the robotic video is permitted in the region of your VPN, you are capable of viewing it as usual.  Still, if you fail to watch the robotic video, you can try to adjust the regional settings of your VPN.